Friday, November 6, 2009

How Not To Ruin Your Brand On Twitter


  1. Twitter about how drunk you were last night. You will ruin your brand name. Bottom line = don’t get to personal. Think of Twitter more like a blog.
  2. Don't Twit your everyday micro actions. No one cares if you just went to the bathroom or thinking about a dream you had last night.
  3. If you can’t Twit your thoughts in 140 characters.....create a blog!
  4. Don't get to "into" Twitter i.e., it consumes your life and you never leave the house.
  5. Don't use profanity in your Tweets. Never.

This is just a very short list. I'm beginning to see these trends among professionals that I'm following. If it’s a complete distraction I just "unfollow" them and their off my radar. Just be a Pro. Own you brand online and don't get distracted. Don't push your business and SPAM at every opportunity. Post quality sound bites and interesting links. Use for those long URL's. Also, don’t ask for more followers. If you tweet quality content, follows shall come!

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