Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Las Vegas Hotel/Casino Social Media Review Update

I've been side tracked by high priority projects, biz trips, and various deadlines. This review is on-going and still in progress. It seems that most of these Casinos & Hotels (media relations) are not quite up to speed with the Web 2.0 tools or even blogger relations. Most of my emails and phone calls have been unanswered. This may be due to lack of interest in receiving FREE exposure and promotion. I just think that most of these hotel/casinos run very traditional marketing programs. I did, however, receive input and responses back from a few of these companies that recognize the importance of blogger relations in this new online marketing medium. To those companies that contacted me I give "kudos" and it will show up in my upcoming review. For those hotel/casinos that passed on my invitation, I will go ahead and research the following:

-I will make use of my various search tools and check if they have any type of social media sites up and running.
-I will measure the Twitter "buzz" on various days & nights to check how popular they are.
-I will use my LinkedIn contacts and try going that route to dig up online marketing info.

This is harder than I thought. I might scale the review back a bit and post. Then circle back around and ask the Hotel/Casinos to comment. Then I will rev the review.