Saturday, October 24, 2009

Drive Your Traffic Home with Content

My best advice for new website owners: Just write!

It doesn’t matter how much content. Just write good, quality, sticky content each day. Whether it’s a short paragraph or a 500 word article. Content is king, especially when first starting out. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the SEO tricks and page optimization guidelines. Just write. New, fresh content increases search engine rankings (SERPs) and traffic as well as getting quality links from other sites. If there’s not enough relevant content for your brand or business, it pretty much defeats the purpose of having a website in the first place.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Buy a Good Blender, Save Your Life"

Should have been the title of a great article I read today online regarding buying a real quality "sturdy" blender that could stand up to crushing vegetables, ice, fruits, time and time again. The article was centered on the subject of "plant-based" diets and how you could make green smoothies filled with all these ingredients like spinach, wheat grass, blueberries, etc., taste great. The conclusion was that these "smoothies" would save your life by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as diabetes. Pretty logical conclusion if you researched this a bit and cut out red meat.

The problem I had with this article was the subject title. The subject title was "plant-base diets" = BORING. If your going to catch and bring in the "eyeballs" online, you need to grab (online marketing 101) the reader by the balls and reel them in (this is also true with search engine optimization). If I were searching for ways to lower my cholesterol, I want an article to jump out at me. "Plant-based diet" doesn't do it. I need something NOW. Something urgent. I need an article title that is catchy, curious, creative to lure me in. The click conversion result could be quadrupled compared with a boring, generic title. I ended up emailing the author of the article 4 weeks ago and gave him my input. Great article! Boring title. We went back and forth and eventually he changed it to "Buy a Good Blender, Save Your Life" and guess what? The article views went up ten-fold. He thanked me as his payment for the article is based on monthly views/clicks. A simple change to an article or blog title can mean a difference between 10 veiws and 100 views.