Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monetize Twitter Update: I called it!

Twitter Monetization Model = Promoted Tweets based on CPM. Real-Time advertising people. I called it back in July 2009. Although, a lot of people called it. Not just me ;)

Incredible statistics! Twitter has 106 Million users. Its search engine gets 600 million queries every day. Insane. What stat I would love to know is the "real time on site" for the average user. Not the "time on site" because that stat is distorted. Why? Twitter is mostly run in the background on the desktop, laptop, and mobile. Users will toggle back and forth all day. I want to know the "real time" the typical Twitter user is interacting (focused) on Twitter. Real-Time on site (in addition to search and installed user base), is another way to pitch advertisers.