Sunday, December 21, 2008

Utilizing a Blogger(s) to Spread the Company Brand

A quick example. A friends company found a popular blogger who had spoken highly of the company's brand. Just prior to launching a new product, the company sent the blogger a free sample, inviting him to review it with "no strings attached."

The end result: The blogger wrote a favorable review and generated a flood of comments. So the company got nearly free publicity and feedback. This blogger is a very popular blogger on a very popular blog with thousands of followers as well as content that is syndicated. Product sales surged 35% right after the article/review was written. The traffic to the company's website from the blog tripled (as tracked by google analytics data). Welcome to Marketing Web 2.0.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Twitter Developments

Announced today, Twitter has chose Google Friend Connect over Facebook's Friend Connect service. This means Twitter account holders can use their login ID on any other site also integrated with Google Friend Connect. Google wants their users to sign up for the connect service so they can better keep tabs on how users behave across the web. Whats this all mean? This data can be used now to lead to better, more profitable ads and ad networks in the future.

The score: Google 1 Facebook 0

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twitter musings

Traditional carpet bombing advertising does not work well in social media networks. Heavy PR (one on one) conversational marketing is too costly. Your spending too much money, time and resources to get to the influencers. Brands who want to be effective with their scarce resources (budgets & marketing department personal), NEED to find out who is the top 5-10 influencer in their market and focus their one on one (conversational) marketing primarily on them.

A few examples of brands & Influencers taking advantage of Twitter: Shaq (THE_REAL_SHAQ), Lance Armstrong (lancearmstrong), MC Hammer (MCHammer), Walt Mossberg (waltmossberg). Get to these guys be it product reviews or endorsements, the larger the social media ROI. Have you seen how many "followers" these guys have on Twitter? It’s ridiculous.