Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to Reach the New Media Influencers

Media is one of the most powerful groups out there. Whether your a big company or a small company, developing relationships with all kinds of media is crucial for your campaign. Knowing how to pitch the media is also crucial. Most online media hate PR flacks. The influencer's such as review site editorial, niche bloggers, or the online and hard copy magazines all have different ways they would like to be approached. For example. I know of one very influential hi-tech gadget blogger that will not look at a PR email blast or a canned email asking to review product. Instead, this blogger wants people to get involved in his blog community first..........then pitch him on his FaceBook wall. He does not have time to read PR email. He wants a 1-2 line pitch he can read FAST and from a person whom he sees in his blog feedback section that's active in his blog.

How do you find the names, websites, blogs or email address of the influencer's within in your industry?

Try these resources:
  • www.highbeam.com (Enables searching the blog library, RSS feeds, web to research facts, articles, and journalists in your chosen industry).
  • www.vocus.com (provides a web-based software suite to help find and manage key journalists, analysts, bloggers).
  • www.cision.com (Cision's MediaSource software enables professionals to compile a general or TARGETED media lists online).
These resources can also have the value benefit of answering questions on how a journalist or blogger accepts pitches or how they like to be contacted. Bloggers are increasing within the media everyday and attract millions of eyeballs. Within my company I have created a "Bloggers Relations" group inside the Media Relations department. We concentrate on these blogs and establish working, friendly relationships with them. When its time to actually pitch the product or service, our blogger relations people have an easy time convincing the blog editorial on our newest product or service.

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