Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will HTML5 Destroy Flash?

Maybe. Too soon to tell. SEO people will prefer HTML5 rather than Flash. Flash is not SEO friendly. In fact, Flash is search engine-invisible. HTML5 will eventually do everything Flash does plus the added search engine optimizations such as Improved page segmentation, A new article tag, A new section tag, A new header tag, A new footer tag, A new nav tag.

In order for HTML5 to overtake Flash, browsers must have to support it, right? Full browser support will happen in 3-8 years? The full HTML5 spec wont be finished (probably) for another decade. Your starting to see improved support for HTML 5 elements in Opera 10.5, and possibly IE 9. Chrome and Safari do support HTML5 video. Firefox is still behind, although I think there are add-ons to Firefox to support HTML video?

HTML5 allow a standards-based pathway to busting those Flash barriers with canvas graphics, drawing video onscreen, Web Forms 2.0, and local storage for private data. So who needs Flash? The only drawback I see now in HTML5 is that it has very basic support for sound. Who will win? Who knows? This may play out in about 1-5 years (depending on who adopts HTML5). Personally, I think they can both coexist, but I would rather use HTML5 for search engine reasons.

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