Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Apple Tablet Eve

I feel like its Christmas Eve with the new "supposedly" release of the Apple Tablet tomorrow. I love Apple and I love its innovated products. After every major introduction (think iPod + iTunes & iPhone), Apple shakes up some industry ecosystem. This time around it will be the book & magazine publishing industry. I can’t wait to view magazines on that bright colorful display. Throw in the book version of iTunes and I am good to go. Should be a fun time tomorrow. I will be checking out the live blogging at either Gizmodo or Engadget.

This year I want to blog on up and coming start-ups, technology, and of course, online marketing techniques through social media. One trend that has been increasingly popular is the "cloud" computing trend. This is due to many reasons such as cost reduction, collaboration, e-commerce, etc. One start-up I ran across recently, "Sharetivity", harnesses the cloud through a browser plug-in and "shares" content among users. This is particularly useful for students in college to research, share, and archive their content online. Check out Sharetivity's FAQ for more information.

Recently, Sharetivity partnered with schools and colleges to help raise funds for their students using this service. Sharetivity will generate revenue when the students conduct search from the Sharetivity site via the Google search box within the Sharetivity application. If Sharetivity is adopted by a school or institution (university), they will share 50% of the revenue. This start-up is backed by an industry veteran that has raised a total of $50 million of Venture Capital in his previous 3 start-ups. Check them out and play with their service. This is one company that will be making headlines in 2010.

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