Friday, May 15, 2009

Las Vegas Social Media Review Take Aways

  1. Luxor was the winner with an A+ in Social Media, although, still lacking a Facebook fan page. Correction: Luxor has a Facebook page!
  2. Venetian was the winner with an A+ in SEO.
  3. Only Luxor & Stratosphere have a corporate blog (astonishing).
  4. The Luxor scored an A+ with a corporate blog, twitter account and MySpace page but the other MGM MIRAGE Property "MGM Grand" did not = which leads me to believe that each MGM MIRAGE property has its own PR & Marketing department making their own decisions. This good or bad.
  5. Most, if not all hotel "dance clubs" or lounges have a social media presence (especially on MySpace and Facebook) = which leads me to believe that either the "dance clubs" are under different ownership and management or their marketing/Promo department is of younger demographics that pushes social media.
  6. Hotels such as the Riviera, Sahara, Rio, Fitzgerald's, Hooters, Red Rock have virtually no official social media presence. This could be due to older, less flexible management with an inability to change or add social media marketing tactics to their marketing arsenal.
  7. The Venetian rocked both Social Media and SEO grades. The Venetian marketing & PR department is very Internet "aware" and they "get it". They show up #1 in Vegas hotel Google searches = this is due to their online presence (Facebook, MySpace pages) that helps in organic search rankings. They also participate in PPC for the words Las Vegas Hotel(s) and much more.
  8. Las Vegas hotels (in general) seem to be a little behind in the Social Media marketing realm. This surprises me as Las Vegas is built around entertainment.
  9. A few of the hotels are owned under one umbrella corporation, yet the use of Social Media is erratic at best. Not practicing a unified online marketing strategy.
  10. Planet Hollywood is by far the best Facebook fan page built by a Vegas hotel. Not only is it updated frequently, they use the fan page medium for special promotions and hotel room discounts.


  1. Thanks for the kudos! Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is also on twitter as @phVega

    As I was previously @LuxorLV... you are correct, each MGM MIRAGE property handles their own social media strategy. Most clubs are under different ownership (PURE, Light Group) and handle their own social presence.

    PS - Luxor does have a facebook page.

  2. Thanks Brandie for the correction. I could have sworn I searched for a PH twitter account and could not find one. I'll add PH to my twitter following. I found 2-3 different Luxor facebook pages but could not tell if they were official or just thrown up my random people.

    In any case, keep up the good work at PH! I appreciate the comment on my blog.

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