Saturday, January 10, 2009

The New Website Refresh Quick Review

First things first. About time! I received an email note from someone over at to check out the new website refresh. In my opinion, the site has been getting long in the tooth. I recommend most website do a refresh every couple of years, especially when it sees its traffic and readership decline. To me the old was nice way back when. It’s been getting stale as of late so when I went over today to check out the new design and tools, I was very pleased. The first thing that struck me as consistent throughout was the use of online video on the main page, and in the individual sections. I love their use of online video, and right off the bat my eyes and ears enjoyed the experience and the layout.

I also loved the career tools section. Bright and shiny new with new career paths and benchmarking tools. I could not thoroughly check out the new profile section as I do not have a profile on The “search jobs” layout is fresh with clean lines. I love the clean lines. Both the single line and Multi-line option is eye pleasing and doesn’t cram a lot of information and words in small spaces that would frustrate me. Of course you can search by relevance, date, company, distance. The best feature I like so far is the balloon box besides each job listing. Click on the balloon and the exact job location min-map (Google Maps) appears. This feature is by far ahead the best feature and as far as I know, not available on or even I recommend job seekers to check out the new website refresh and test drive it yourself. Now I only wish the rest of the stale online job sites would refresh or ad more intuitive features as well.


  1. Monster refresh is by far, the most impressive refreshes I have seen in years. The new layout is consistent and has beautiful colors. Lot's of new features and things to take your breath away. Not to say about the benchmarking tools.

    Soon there will be some sort of "pathing" that you can actually see what/and where you can be working in the future!

    Once again, thank you!

  2. It is a great site to get ideas from and to find out who works there so that you can network to get the position. I do like it but I forgot my log in!